How to install an adjustable tow bar

How to install an adjustable tow bar

Why is the tow bar removed for transportation?

There are two scenarios for the removal of the tow bar:

  1. When the food trailer's length is less than 3 meters and it is transported in LCL (Less than Container Load) mode after being packed in a wooden crate, we need to dismantle the tow bar and place it in the aisle of the food trailer. This reduces the size of the wooden crate, saving transportation costs. LCL shipping involves transporting your food trailer along with other goods in a shared container to the destination port. The charges at the destination port are typically based on the volume of the wooden crate, and we aim to minimize these costs for you.

  2. When you purchase a 5-meter or 5.8-meter food trailer, the tow bar needs to be removed due to the length restrictions of a 20ft container.

How does the removal of the tow bar for transportation affect me?

You will need a forklift to move the food trailer out of the wooden crate or use a forklift to relocate the food trailer from inside the container.

How to install the tow bar?

Move the food trailer to the ground, supporting the four jacks on the chassis on the ground to keep the food trailer in a balanced state. Two people are needed to take the tow bar out of the trailer, align it with the groove at the front of the trailer, and insert the entire tow bar. Tighten the screws and nuts, making sure to install the washers. We provide these parts, and you can find them. Please refer to our video:

Why does my tow bar look so large?

Yes, the dimensions of the food trailer's tow bar are 1.3 meters * 1 meter. It can accommodate a generator or gas cylinder on top. It is of good quality and has sufficient load-bearing capacity.

What do I need to do after installing the tow bar?

You also need to install the steering wheel, which provides direction for the food trailer when it rotates. When your food trailer is towed by a private car, you need to fold up the steering wheel. Please refer to our video:

What else do I need to do to tow the food trailer?

You need to install a plug for the trailer tail light and a trailer hook for your private car. We will explain the trailer tail light plug and trailer hook in the next article.

If you are using it for the first time, it is recommended to watch some relevant videos or read articles online to understand how to tow a trailer from multiple perspectives.

Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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