how to power a food trailer

Running a Food Truck: How to Power a Food Trailer

The voltage for the food trailer is customized based on the country of operation and comes in two types: A. Single Phase 220v-240v/50Hz B. Single Phase 110v-130v/60Hz.Typically, countries like the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Panama, the Cayman Islands, etc., use 110v-130v/60Hz, while Europe, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia use 220v-240v/50Hz.

Power Outlets in the Food Trailer: We customize the power outlets to match the standards of the customer's country. The number of outlets is confirmed during customization.

How to Power a Food Trailer

The food trailer uses domestic voltage, not industrial voltage. Ensure that the voltage in your business area supports single-phase or three-phase power. If using three-phase power, a distribution box needs to be installed. If using single-phase power, a professional electrician can handle the setup.

Inside the food trailer, there is a distribution box with a main circuit breaker and branch circuit breakers. Each breaker complies with CE standards and has automatic detection for short circuits, overloads, and phase loss. When any of these risks are detected, the breaker will automatically disconnect the circuit.

The number of breakers is determined by the quantity of different equipment, with the total current ranging from 63A to 100A.

Each food trailer comes with an electrical schematic that details which breaker controls which equipment. Before leaving the factory, each unit undergoes rigorous testing.

Upon receiving the food trailer, consult a professional electrician to inspect the distribution box inside. Install a dedicated electrical control box outside the trailer solely for powering the food trailer, avoiding mixing with other devices. Pay strict attention to distinguishing between ground wire, live wire, and neutral wire.

How to Power a Food Trailer

We provide a complete set of industrial plugs and sockets, with blue plugs for 220V-240V and yellow plugs for 110V-120V. Simply use a sufficiently long three-core cable (45A) as the main power supply for the food trailer. Ensure a secure connection between the plug terminals and the wires. Refer to the provided photos. Connect the wires to the corresponding ground, neutral, and live terminals on the plug. Then, turn on all the breakers inside the food trailer, and your food trailer will be ready to operate.

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