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connection of battery in series with electric beer truck

Connection of battery in series with electric beer truck

1.Technical parameters.
2. The composition of the food truck
3. Driving battery instructions and precautions
4. The interior of the rear compartment
5. Power system
6. Safety and warning

1.Technical Parameter:

Model: HY-VL777                                     GVWR: 950KG
Specification:310*150*185CM                 TARE: 750KG
Body Size: 150*150*150CM                      Power: 1.5-2.2kw  60v/45ah
Max Speed: 30Km/Hr                                                 

2. The composition of the food truck

This is a battery-driven beer truck. Its power is very small, only 1.5-2.2KW. It uses a motor to drive three wheels to move forward or backward. It has a front Cabin and a rear Cabin. Its front Cabin can carry one personI, Its rear Cabin can bear a weight of 500 kg. It is equipped with a workbench and some small equipment. It helps you to move and sell food conveniently and effortlessly.

Standard external drawing:

connect battery

3.Driving battery instructions and precautions

Battery specifications:12V/45ah            Number of batteries:5PCS

Type of battery: lead-acid battery

Each charge of the battery takes 8hours to 10 hours, and it can travel 40-50 kilometers after each charge (depending on the weight of the load and the climate temperature and the condition of the roads)
connection of battery in series

4.The interior of the rear compartment

There is a refrigerator, 6 20L beer kegs,or 4 2020L beer kegs ,an electronic control system, 2 sockets, and 1 gas bottle in the rear compartment. 6 professional beer taps. This is the standard setup and some small equipment can be added if required. But the total weight cannot exceed 500KG.

connect battery in parallel
Accessories Connection:
beer bar

5.Power system:

We provide customers with a variety of local sockets, 110V/220V electrical control systems that meet customer requirements.
connect 2 batteries in parallel
List of electrical components:






LED lights

E27  6W




















6.Safety and warning:

  • 1To prepare for charging:
  • 1.please install an anti-leakage air switch at the front end of the charging cable.
  • 2.Please use a whole line and dedicated to charging.
  • 3.Please follow the third step to connect the battery.
how to connect battery
  • Please use a screwdriver to fix each terminal to ensure that they are firmly connected to the wires
  • Turn off the air switch in the battery box in the food carts.
  • Insert the plug and turn on the switch on the front of the plug to allow current to flow into the battery for charging
  • Observe for 1-2 minutes to confirm that there is no abnormal sound and leave, charging generally takes 3-5 hours
  • The battery must be correctly connected as shown in the figure, and each contact point must be firm. If it is loose, sparking will occur and the terminal will be damaged. If you find such a situation, you need to immediately disconnect the power supply and clean the oxidized material on the terminal. For example, after cleaning it with sandpaper, you can reconnect the line and charge it again.
  • When charging, the food carts cannot be in the same place with people, and it cannot be in the corridor. The top of the food truck must be covered, and it cannot be charged in rain.
  • Charging the battery before it is completely used up will help extend your battery life.


  • Before charging, check whether the battery connector is secure. If it is not firmly connected, a fire may occur.
  • If you have never used this battery, it is recommended that you purchase the battery locally. You can ask local engineers to understand its performance and accept the safety advice of local engineers.

8.Emergency treatment:

  • If you find the battery is smoking or catching fire during charging, please cut off the power immediately.
  • This situation is because the wiring is not firm. Please check each terminal of the battery in turn to find out the cause.
  • If the battery terminal has turned black, please clear it and then connect the wire. Don’t charge it before it is clear.
  • Please contact us or battery supplier.

9.Driving speed:

This food truck is not a means of transportation. Its power is only to assist you in moving food making equipment conveniently. It cannot be driven on expressways and major traffic roads. Its driving speed is less than 30 kilometers per hour.
Before you decide to use it, please contact the local authorities to ask whether it is allowed to use it. We are willing to provide all the documents you need.
We can provide invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, frame number, DOTcertification.

       Thank you for your support us.



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