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Black Retro Electric Tricycle Mobile Beer truck

Black Retro Electric Tricycle Mobile Beer truck

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When the mobile beer truck has black, retro elements and brass wine columns, your business is doomed to be different.When this mobile bar is popular this season, what are you waiting for?It allows you to apply it to various scenarios, such as wedding rentals, parties, etc.

Its performance parameters:

Power system of the  beer truck

12V/35-55Ah Lead acid battery* 5pcs /Total:60V/35-55Ah Lead acid battery 1 Local sockets and 5ceiling LED lamps(can be Custom)

Wall and shelf of beer truck

The material of the shelf is wood and white linen stickers.

Materials of tricycle head and carriage

The material of tricycle is steel, not plastic

Safety device

Left and right turn signals, reverse warning,Electromagnetic brake,Single axle bearing 600 kg

Beer assembly

6 leading food-grade faucets,20m food-grade PVC pipes,tube bundles 40PCS,1 pressure reducing valve,


Workspace size:length 3.1meters, width 1.5 meters, height 2.3meters

The cabin size: 1.5meters *1.5meters*1.5meters 

Weight: 950kg

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