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23FT Airstream stainless steel full-equipment Large food truck for sale

23FT Airstream stainless steel full-equipment Large food truck for sale

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This food truck is made all of stainless steel. It is equipped with a complete set of equipment. It can sell bread, pizza, hamburger, tacos, Italian ice cream, beer, etc. It is a full-function food truck. Large capacity refrigerator has room for freezing and cold storage. 

Its performance parameters:

The water  system of the food truck

60L water tank   (can be Custom)/Double-sink or three -sink (can be Custom)/cold and hot faucet with water pump

Power system of the food truck

380V or  220V or 110V(can be Custom)/The capacity of 50-100A.(can be Custom)/12  Local sockets and 10 ceiling LED lamps(can be Custom)

Advertising light supply

Length: 4m, width: 40CM LED LOGO/ neon lightSurrounding LED light string /Sales window LED star flashing light* 2PCS

Exhaust and ventilation

Exhaust equipment with a length of 2.5 meters/4 powerful exhaust fans.Easy to clean

Traction system of the food trailer

Powerful Drawbar with Mechanical/ brakes,Trailer ball and arm/Steel structure chassis and double axle/four wheels(165/R70/C13)with tyre fender,Taillight signal system Reflectors Warning indicators


Equipment list

NO Name Specifications
1. Cup Washing Machine 650*218mm (Stainless Steel)
2. Ice Maker Voltage: 110-220 v / Power:0.26 kw
3. Electric Double Cylinder Deep Fryer  Voltage:110- 220v /Power: 2.5kw*2 Range: 60-200℃ Dimension: 580*450*300mm
4. Electric Griddle Voltage:110-220v Power: 4.4kw               Dimension: 730*480*200mm
5. Electric Double Layers Oven

Voltage: 220V/380V Power:13.2 kw
Dimension:  1220*851*1260 mm


Pancakes Furnace Voltage: 220V  Power: 3 + 3 kw
Dimension:  860 * 510 * 235 mm
7. Ice Cream Showcase
Voltage: 110-220v/50hz  Power:320W
Range:-22℃ 1200*680*970mm
8. Panini Toaster Voltage: 110-220V Power:1.8 kw
Dimension:310 * 360 * 260mm
9. Two door workbench Freezer Voltage: 110-220 v Power:0.35kw
Dimension: 1500*600*800mm
10. Two Door Workbench Fridge Voltage: 110-220 v Power:0.25 kw


Overall dimension: length 8.5 meters, width 2.1 meters, height 2.6 meters

Workspace size:length 7.0 meters, width 2.1 meters, height 2.1meters

Sales window size: 2.5meters  2PCS  

Weight: 2870kg

 Product certification:   CE Certification

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