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13FT Stainless Steel Airstream Food Trucks Airstream Food Van For Sale

13FT Stainless Steel Airstream Food Trucks Airstream Food Van For Sale

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Introducing the stunning new 13 Ft Air Stream Food Truck! This customized food truck is available for sale in the United States, Europe, and Other countries.

      It's a brand-new Air Stream food truck, eliminating the need to purchase used airstream food truck at a higher cost. Now, you can own this impressive food truck for a fraction of the price.

What's more, we offer customization options to tailor the equipment to your business needs. Whether you're in the ice cream, beer, or burger business, we can help turn your dreams into reality.

This Air Stream food truck also offers customization options for your LED logo lights, and the vibrant LED lights around the vending window are sure to be your customers' favorite style.

Wherever it goes, it stands out as the most impressive Air Stream food truck on the street.


  • The food truck is constructed with high-quality stainless steel, available in both 
  •  white and silver interior options (prices may vary).
  • The worktop and equipment are made from stainless steel.
  • Dimensions:

    • Truck body: 13 Ft (L) * 7 Ft (W) * 8 Ft (H) (excluding the tow bar)
    • Tow bar size: 4.5 Ft (L) * 3 Ft (W)
    • Overall length: 17.5 Ft (L) * 7 Ft (W) * 8 Ft (H)

    Chassis and Frame Materials:

    • Sturdy galvanized steel structure frame construction with rust-resistant welding points.

    Standard accessories include:

    1. Stainless steel benches, cabinets, and sliding doors.
    2. Three sinks and 1 handwashing sink with a faucet (customizable to double sinks). 30L fresh water tank and 30L waste water tank (customizable).
    3. High-quality electric heater, 6L water pump.
    4. 4 heavy-duty jacks.
    5. 3-ton galvanized coupling (50mm). Dual axles with 14" chrome wheels. Impact-style brakes. Service window panel.
    6. 32A-64A electrical system, circuit breakers, circuit boards, external power cord, and LED interior lighting. 5-7 local sockets.
    7. Aluminum checkered plate flooring.
    8. Stainless steel gas cylinder ring for mounting on the tow bar.

    Kitchen equipment includes:

    1. Salad refrigerator (120cm60cm80cm).
    2. Liquefied petroleum gas grill.
    3. Deep fryer.
    4. LED lights for vending window (3).
    5. Custom logo set, 300cm.
    6. Commercial exhaust hood, 200cm in length.

    Warranty period:

    • 13 months, calculated from the date of factory delivery.

    Special Note:

    • The Air Stream food truck is customizable, offering over 100 kitchen equipment options to suit various business needs. Wishing you a successful start to your business soon!

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